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Healing can be carried out in a number of ways, based on what you feel comfortable with:

Video call (Normally Facebook or FaceTime)

At my home on Hayling Island

At the Mystic Coffee Lounge in Cosham every Friday for clinic 11am-2pm

or Jointly with Jemma at Ocean Dreams Therapy

John Benest

For 75 years I have been interested in psychic phenomena as many of my relatives are psychic.


I have over 50 years experience helping people with a wide range of physical problems including pain reduction. Using NLP I soften the memory of childhood or current emotional trauma.


My spirit doctors overshadow me and transmit the appropriate frequency of energy required to alleviate the problem . As I can see the shape ,size and speed of the chakra system I can correct them where they are not working properly. I trained in St Anne’s hospital London with British Hypnosis Research for Hypnotherapy, NLP and psychotherapy.


During my healing journey I have been chairman of the Havant NFSH public clinic, Patron of JCPF Healers and also ran my private clinic in Waterlooville and now Kingfisher Clinic on Hayling Island .


As a therapist with the Wessex Cancer Help Centre I have worked with doctors and other professionals and received referrals from them. During the last 3 years I have sometimes given healing and workshops at The Mystic Coffee Lounge in Cosham. Although I am retired and closed my therapy room I do see patients by appointment in my home.

"I truly cannot thank John Benest enough. Somehow through word of mouth he contacted me on messenger, explaining what he does as a healer and that he could help me I had left southampton hospital after 4 consecutive days of tests, from Neuro to a CT scan and including endless eye tests, after telling me there was nothing more they could test or do, being signed off from work for 2 months (initially) is written on my sick note, and told not to drive because I’d gone to sleep perfectly normal one night and woken up with double vision, it actually went to quadruple. John gave me so much hope, and lifted my spirits with his healing, used as a vessel by his German Spirit Doctor I was amazed at what he could see over FaceTime. My sight has improved after just 3 sessions of healing with John, I can now see clearly 2-3 feet in front of me and further if I concentrate on a slow moving object. I honestly don’t know what I’d have done without you John, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart"

Cherry H

Thank you so much for introducing me to John Benest he’s worked wonders for me pain level has reduced & I feel so chilled out , love healing it’s a great way to help your health xxxx

Sue G

Sue G

Hi just to say I have had lovely healing from John Benest the past few days to help me get through from the 2nd jab feeling unwell + anxiety.

I can’t thank John enough, he does such fabulous work with his healing a true Angel . Thank you xxx

Roz C

Had my second distant healing with John today , what a beautiful soul. He is always so friendly and chatty. He picked up on all my chakras that where not flowing correctly, and helped me to use visualisation to get the energy flowing back through them perfectly.

I highly reccommend John for energy healing, a highly knowledgeable gentleman with a pure heart wanting to help others. Thank you John,

Emma M