What is Angelic Reiki?

Angelic Reiki has very quickly become my favourite form of healing. Since training with Sue Owen, I have used it daily, and it has totally enhanced my life.

It's an honour to become a channel for the Angels to deliver this healing.

The Angel Energy knows on all levels what is needed to create harmony within the body, to help improve the well-being of the recipient.

Once you are comfortable,I'll ask you to take yourself away to a safe place that brings you tranquility whilst you recieve the healing. Whether your ailment is physical or mental, the energy will work with you.

You may experience something throughout the healing, such as seeing colours, hot & cold or floaty, it's normal and wonderfully pleasant. You may also feel nothing, and that too is normal. Just know the healing energy is with you and can last up to 3 weeks.

Healing can take place face to face or if you prefer the comfort of your own home, than virtual is available too. The sessions last around an hour, and you may feel you only need the one session, or want to return on a regular basis.

You don't have to have the belief of Angels, but have the desire of wanting to receive healing and be well and happy.

I can't wait to share this incredible therapy with you, & look forward to hearing from you soon.

The energy exchange is £35 1 hour session (£30 thereafter)